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SocialLet’s Be Honest…We like to eat!


What Family Reunion worth it’s weight in gold isn’t jam-packed with good food…and good people! IMSS is no exception!  We are planning on some good grub…and much of is will be due to the generosity of our great sponsors! They have provided food…speakers…and much, much more!

We want to recognize these generous sponsors for their support of IMSS. Without their help and generosity where would we be?  Probably still hungry!  They have contributed in many ways, including financial support, speaker sponsorship as well as providing goods and services…and food! We want to thank them for their generosity and welcome them to the IMSS Family!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  • ARUP

  • Billings Clinic

  • General Water Technologies

  • Hologic

  • Luminex

  • McKesson

  • Medical Chemical Corporation

  • Mountain View Hospital

  • Ortho Clinical

  • Rush University SBB Program

  • Sysmex

  • T2 Biosystems

  • Yellowstone Pathology

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