Be Green and Save Green

What can you buy for $10?

  • 3-4 gallons of gas
  • A fidget spinner on Amazon
  • A Big Mac for you and a friend
  • A Venti Carmel Macchiatto from Starbucks with a little change to spare

What does $10 mean to ASCLS and its members?

ASCLS is beginning the 2017-2018 dues renewal season today. In the interest of saving both the environment and our own resources, if you renew your membership before Memorial Day, you will save ASCLS the more than $10 it takes to send the full complement of letters and invoices through the mail.

With nearly 9,000 members, $10 for each can add up. To date, nearly 500 members have already renewed their membership, saving the organization about $5,000.

Those savings can be re-invested in ASCLS programs. These savings alone would cover the Society’s expenses at the USA Science and Engineering Festival where we expose thousands of high school students to careers in clinical laboratory science. Or, it can cover the expenses for student members to attend the annual legislative symposium and lobby on behalf of the profession.

Aren’t there much better places for your $10 to be used?

Our membership system makes is very easy to renew when you visit or you can call and renew your membership at  (571) 748-3770.

Thank you for your continued support of ASCLS.  

Warmest regards,

Andrea Hickey, MLS(ASCP)CM

ASCLS Director of Membership and P.A.C.E. ®

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