Leadership Academy Coordinator

Region VIII Leadership Academy Coordinator


  • Coordinate activities of Region VIII Leadership Academy; facilitate selection of Interns and faculty; mentor Interns.
  • The Coordinator will work closely with the faculty and Region VIII Council to insure the successful coordination of the Region VIII Leadership Academy.

  • 3 years, coinciding with the term of the Regional Director
  • Maximum number of terms allowed: May be re-appointed to a second term, but shall not serve more than two consecutive terms

  • ASCLS Professional or Emeritus membership and reside in Region VIII
  • Recommended experience that would be helpful to someone holding this office:  Member of Region VIII Leadership Academy faculty or past Intern.

  • Manage and coordinate program, working with faculty and interns to create the optimum learning experience
  • Initiate Call for Interns, Update program materials including application form annually, and establish program calendar and activities.
  • Serve as resource for Interns and Faculty.
  • Reports to:  Region VIII Director
  • Other duties performed: Participate in Council activities

  • Meeting attendance & travel requirements: Attend at least two (out of three) Region VIII Council meetings per year – Jackson (during IMSS), Teleconference (spring), and national meeting site (summer)
  • Reports: Fall, Spring, Final reports to Regional Director
  • Deadlines: as assigned by Regional Director
  • Average time commitment: 3-5 hours/month

  • Travel expenses and registration costs to IMSS or national meeting are not covered by Region VIII.
  • The Coordinator shall be reimbursed one (1) night lodging at ½ the room at the location of the ASCLS annual meeting.
  • Lodging is provided for Leadership Academy Faculty and Interns at Jackson.
  • Actual cost of materials and supplies for acknowledged Leadership Academy activities will be reimbursed with receipts and approval of the RD, or Council.

  • Mentors: Regional Director, other regional or national leaders, national Leadership Academy mentors
  • Materials: Region VIII Guidelines, Curriculum materials in shared (Dropbox) folder
  • Helpful Hints & suggestions: Computer, e-mail very helpful.

  • Contributions to the profession: Help to enhance the strong leadership in Region VIII which is essential to the continuation of the Society. Improve communication within the organization and the profession.
  • Skills developed/enhanced: Delegation, mentoring, communication, organization
  • Contacts / networking opportunities: Meet and develop relationships with colleagues throughout Region VIII and at the national level
  • Travel opportunities: Jackson and site of national meeting

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