Regional Director

Region VIII Regional Director


  • Liaison between states – region- national.
  • Disseminates information between national and states, prevents miscommunication.
  • Exercises voting power from the region on the national Board of Directors.

  • 3 years
  • Maximum number of terms allowed: 2

  • Activity on ASCLS committees, task forces, offices at state, regional, and national levels.
  • Recommended experience that would be helpful to someone holding this office:
    • Networking within region and at the national level

  • Chair Region VIII Council meetings, serve as a member of the ASCLS Board of Directors, serve as Board liaison to committees, serve on task forces as assigned.
  • Reports to: ASCLS President
  • Other duties performed:
    • Write articles for state newsletters in Region VIII and for ASCLS Today.
    • Give an update on ASCLS issues at state meetings if requested.
    • Appoint Region VIII committee chairs.

  • Meeting attendance & travel requirements:
    • Participate in the Fall ASCLS Board of Directors conference call meeting
    • Attend ASCLS Legislative Symposium and Interim Board of Directors meeting in Washington DC
    • Attend the ASCLS Annual Meeting, House of Delegates, and all Board of Directors sessions.
    • Attend at least one state meeting in each state in Region VIII during the 3-year term and more if invited by the states.
  • Reports: Prepare reports for each ASCLS Board of Directors meetings and ASCLS House of Delegates. Reports on national and regional issues to Region VIII Council and state presidents in Region VIII.
  • Deadlines: per ASCLS calendar
  • Average time commitment: Approximately 8 hours per month, depending on time of year.
  • Financial considerations: Phone calls, some postage, most food during required travel

  • Mentors: Past Region VIII Directors, Region VIII Council members, ASCLS Board members
  • Materials: ASCLS Board Orientation Manual, Region VIII Guidelines
  • Helpful Hints & suggestions: Computer, e-mail very helpful

  • Contributions to the profession: Develop and provide input on policies and programs that benefit the entire profession.
  • Skills developed/enhanced: Public speaking, written communications, impacting legislation, meetings management, leadership
  • Contacts / networking opportunities: Meet and develop relationships with colleagues throughout the U.S.
  • Travel opportunities: Visit each state in Region VIII, Washington DC, and site of national meeting.

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