History of IMSS

Intermountain States SeminarIt All Started Way Back When…


…the Utah Society for Medical Technology had the idea of establishing an Intermountain States Seminar way back in 1962 before most of you young’uns were even born.  Idaho joined Utah in promoting this idea, and offered to act as the first state.  Jackson Hole, Wyoming was proposed as the meeting site if Wyoming would join forces.  Not only did Wyoming agree, but Montana also wanted to participate in the venture.  All four states realized a combined seminar would provide noted speakers, quality workshops, and active participation.  Colorado joined the Intermountain States Seminar as the fifth state in 1970.

The first seminar was held in May of 1964.  Subsequent meetings have been held in September.  The five states have developed a rotation for hosting the annual convention and are as follows: Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

In 1967, a Coordinating Committee was established to assist in planning and to provide continuity to the Seminar.  The Coordinating Committee is comprised of two members from each of the five states serving terms of five years.  There is also an exhibitor liaison from each state.  The Planning Committee from the host state organizes all of the many aspects of the seminar.  In 2015, the Coordinating Committee was dissolved and Region VIII took over responsibility for the seminar.

Baxter Scientific Products established the award for “IMSS Medical Technologist of the Year” in 1966.  Each of the participating states submits a nominee each year for this award.  In 1971, Radiometer America Company established the award for “Outstanding Coordinating Committee Member”.

The success of the seminar is an excellent example of clinical laboratory personnel working together to better their profession.  In 1988, IMSS began to include the Jackson community in plans for the seminar, wishing both to increase awareness of our profession and to increase health knowledge within the community.

IMSS continues to be the crown jewel of Region VIII.  We are proud to sponsor such a renowned seminar which draws world-class speakers, innovative exhibitors and true professionals to the beautiful setting of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Please join us this fall for another outstanding event.

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