WelcomeWelcome to ASCLS 

I am thrilled to see you have taken one of the better steps in your professional career; that of joining your professional laboratory organization that will support you professionally through education and pertinent information, as well as be your advocate on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.  As a medical laboratory scientist professional, I feel very strongly that our profession needs us all working together in shaping our profession’s future!  I am glad to have you in ASCLS!

The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science brings together laboratory professionals, fosters the development of leadership and professional skills, and provides the infrastructure essential for developing and implementing solutions to the challenges of our profession.  ASCLS also offers extensive local and state activities that will help you discover the benefits of participating in a progressive professional organization.  ASCLS’ national presence on Capitol Hill is probably one of my main reasons for continuing to be an active member of ASCLS.  We have a true advocate for our profession in ASCLS and you can now be a part of it all!  (I encourage you to plan to attend Legislative Days in Washington D.C. in the spring.)

Membership Benefits

ASCLS benefits that I have especially found useful as a laboratory professional include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Local continuing education meetings for lab personnel and students.
  • Annual state conferences with exhibitors, continuing education sessions, networking opportunities, and social events for professionals and students.
  • ASCLS web site ( with on-line courses, a variety of laboratory links, a calendar of events, leadership directories, and many additional features.
  • Scholarly journals, newsletters and other laboratory publications.
  • Personal development and leadership-building opportunities through offices, committees and scientific assembly sections.
  • News of legislative issues and federal regulations affecting the laboratory.
  • A strong presence and advocacy on Capitol Hill for the laboratory practitioner and profession!
  • State academic competitions for students.
  • Scholarship opportunities for students and professionals at local, state, and national levels to help in your continuing education.

I encourage you to get involved and really become an ACTIVE member of ASCLS.  Oh, and share your experience and new energies with another laboratory professional and encourage them to join along with you!  Have fun and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.



Holly Weinberg

Chair, Membership Committee 2015-2016



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