National Committee Members from Region VIII

Committee MembersRegion VIII Participants on National ASCLS Committees


Region VIII is proud of the support we provide to our national society, ASCLS.  Region VIII has a long-held legacy of developing strong leaders who can serve equally well in their state chapters, on the regional level or even on a national scale.

This list of Region VIII members who have served on a national scale is just one example of the strong members we have in Region VIII.  We are proud of them and know that there are many other Region VIII members who will carry on this legacy into the future.

  • ASCLS National Past-President – Susie Zanto (MT)
  • Membership Chair – Holly Weinberg (MT)
  • Judicial – Holly Weinberg (MT)
  • Judicial – Debbie Shell (ID)
  • Credentials Chair –Lenora Francen (CO)
  • Credentialing – Stephanie Mihane (CO)
  • Awards Chair – Stephanie Mihane (CO)
  • PAC – Connie Ohlson (CO)
  • Scientific Assembly Coordinator – Ashlee Ketchum (MT)
  • Scientific Assembly, Generalist Vice-Chair – Stephanie Wyler (ID)
  • Scientific Assembly, Point of Care Chair – Marjorie Montanus (ID)
  • Promotion of the Profession – Ian Wallace (CO)
  • Government Affairs Vice-Chair – Debbie Shell (ID)
  • Membership – Sharon McGowan (MT)
  • Leadership Development Vice-Chair – Buffy Kelly (WY)
  • E & R Research Fund – Bill Pierce (CO)
  • Patient Safety – Susan Morris (ID)
  • ASCLS Representative to NAACLS – Yasmen Simonian (UT)
  • ASCLS Representative to Board of Certification – Susan Morris (ID)

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