Volunteer Opportunities

To all members in Region VIII:

The Volunteer Opportunities  are now posted in the Member Community under Volunteer! There are many opportunities available to serve on ASCLS national committees. Sign in to the Member Community and click on Volunteer in the menu bar to access the volunteer options. If you haven’t already done so, fill out your Volunteer profile, then go to Volunteer Opportunities and sign up for any committees that interest you. You can also recommend someone for a committee if you know someone you think would be a great fit for an ASCLS committee. Each entry includes a job description and anticipated time commitment.  I encourage anyone who is interested in serving on a committee to sign up today!

Also, if you are already serving on a committee and you wish to be reappointed to another term, you MUST indicate your interest by signing up for that committee through the volunteer opportunity module. If you do not reapply, you will not be considered for reappointment. 

 Please don’t  hesitate to contact me with any questions about volunteering – ASCLS needs you!


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